CAD Event Design

We can help you plan and visualise the flow and layout of your event.

What do you have, what do you want? Do you have an image in your head of how your perfect day will look, but you just can’t get everyone else into the picture. Maybe you just can’t picture what it is going to look like and need help to visualise it all. Have you selected your venue but you're not sure how everything is going to fit?

Whether you have an idea in your head that you need to get onto paper to show other people, or you want to see how the furniture will fit in your favourite venue, we can put this into something that you can actually see for yourself as a 2D plan a sketch or a full 3D Render. Everybody wants something that has never been done before, while at the same time asking to see a photo of what it is going to look like before committing… Imagine if you or your client can have both.

The ability to create something completely original but see it before the event. Speak to us at Soirée Creative about how we can make this happen. You will be surprised how much you can achieve for a lot less layout than you would have possibly expected.